Sumatra Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows

Sumatra Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows. Here it is if you are tired of Adobe PDF Reader which is slow and it's an enormous size. Actually, there are a lot of PDF document reader programs and simple editing features. But we don't necessarily need all these additional functions. From my experience opening PDF files more often than making modifications. So actually we need a PDF reader software that is fast to open.

Sumatra Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows
Sumatra PDF is a small and very fast PDF file reader, I was amazed at the speed of opening the file and the ease of navigation in the PDF file. Yes, the name of this program, you read right away, indeed the maker gave its name based on one of the islands in Indonesia.

Apart from reading PDF files, this program also supports files with ePub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu, CHM, CBZ, and CBR formats. By using Sumatra PDF I can replace several specific applications that read certain file types into one application. For me who doesn't like it when there are programs with the same function this is an advantage. Because you should choose an application that is suitable for use so that the storage on the device is not burdened.

One of the interesting features of Sumatra PDF is its ability to save or convert PDF files to text. So if you want to get the text that is in the PDF document then just Save As> Text and finish the process. But I haven't tried it on a PDF file that is protected with encryption or a password, it will most likely fail. But you should try first, whether it works or the same thing that happened to what I experienced.

In essence, Sumatra PDF is a mandatory program that you must install on each of your computer devices. If only compared to its ability to open PDF files, I dare to claim that this is the best application in its field. Why install a large application with lots of features, if we only need an application to open and print a pdf document file.

Sumatra Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows

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