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Screenpresso Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Screenpresso Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7 is a basic image editing program that comes with annotated menus. It can be used to make simple edits to screenshots, including adding arrows, blurring certain parts, or cropping the image.

Screenpresso provides two options, namely the option to use for free and the option to pay. The free options can be used forever, but the free options have limitations compared to the paid options.

Screenpresso Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Screenshots are easier with Screenpresso

The default Windows application for the moving image capture stage requires several steps, namely pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard, after that use the paint application, and paste the resulting image. Then edit to connect one by one moving video images or gif format, you have to use other party applications such as window movie maker to combine separate image files into as if they are moving, so things like this seem complicated.

Not the same as using screen-presso in the process of taking an image on the screen or web page screen capture by simply pressing the print screen button (printScreenSysRq) which is generally located at the top right of the keyboard. Taking pictures simply by moving the mouse cursor will become a crosshair, and moving around the screen area will automatically highlight certain areas that can be captured in the capture.

Screenpresso features

One of the features that this application has is that it can incorporate new images or images called "stamps" into screen captures, add annotations, and other tools to improve the quality of the overall screen capture display (picture effects). The Screenpresso editor uses Microsoft's Fluent Ribbon UI.

The annotation editor features are quite complete and varied, here you can add text, arrows, boxes, circles, blur certain areas in the image, can also display zoom effects on images, and others.

The Screenpresso application can also record screenshots on the screen in the form of video (screencast). If the free version, there will be a labeling display in the form of a watermark that characterizes Screenpresso products.

Screenpresso Download Latest Version for Windows, Screenpresso has a built-in to share or save in a cloud service, so the results of taking pictures offline can be directly shared to various online services, if you want to share to various social media then this is very easy to do.

Screenpresso Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7