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Open Camera for Android Download Apk Free

Open Camera for Android Download Apk Free. For those who are often involved in the world of photography, they must be familiar with the manual mode which consists of three basic settings, namely ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. Usually, this manual mode is only available on professional cameras such as DSLR or Mirrorless.

Along with the times, most smartphone cameras are now able to do manual mode like a DSLR. That is the latest android smartphone that supports the Camera2 API feature. For others, you can check for yourself, whether it supports this feature.

But unfortunately, most Android default camera applications have very limited features, especially for manual mode. So like it or not, we have to download other camera applications from third parties, which generally have full features like DSLR cameras.

For those of you who want a full-featured camera application, especially for manual mode, you can try the Open Camera application for Android. You can download this DSLR camera application for Android by downloading the apk file at the download link below.

Open Camera for Android Download Apk Free

Open Camera for Android Download Apk Free

Open Camera App Features

The manual camera application I talked about above and I recommend is Open Camera. This camera app was developed by Mark Harman and other contributors. As the name implies, this application is open source which means you can view the source code of the application freely.

As a manual camera application, Open Camera has very complete features, ranging from manual focus, ISO, shutter speed, RAW format, and so on. Interestingly, you can use this application for free with all its features, even there are no ads on it. With no ads, you can freely use them because you will not be disturbed by the appearance or appearance of ads while using this application.

Open Camera for Android Note: You should know that not all the features of this Open Camera application can be used. All of these things depend on the android device you are using. So you will not see some of the features provided and don't blame this application. Check the Android version or the installed camera device first. Thank you, I hope this is the article you were looking for.

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