Microsoft Security Essentials Download for Windows 7

Microsoft Security Essentials Download for Windows 7
Microsoft Security Essentials Download for Windows 7, This application, usually abbreviated as MSE, is a Free Antivirus Program that provides PC protection against various types of malicious software such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, and Trojan horses. Built on the same virus definition and virus scanning as other Microsoft antivirus products, MSE provides real-time protection, continuously monitors activity on your computer and scans for new files as they are downloaded or created, and disables automatically detected threats.

Microsoft Security Essentials offers full system scanning capabilities with scheduled and on-demand scanning options to provide an added level of confidence. Scheduled scans are enabled by default and are configured to run weekly when the system may not work or can be disabled at will. There are three scanning options: Quick Scan, Full scan, Custom scan.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download MSE Offline Installer 32/64-bit.
  2. Download MSE virus and spyware definitions update Offline Installer 32/64-bit.
  3. Uninstall any previous antivirus installations if any. Do not try to run more than 1 antivirus at the same time or it may conflict.
  4. Install MSE like you normally install software, follow the step by step as it appears on the screen, and maybe want to adjust the options and I think should do it.
  5. After MSE is installed, it will show a RED color, which means the software has not installed the MSE virus and spyware definitions update.
  6. Install the MSE virus and spyware definitions update, and wait a few moments. It will be installed automatically without realizing it because it runs in the background. MSE will immediately activate with GREEN color. If it's yellow, it means you may have to do a one-time scan or there are newer virus and spyware definitions, just follow the screen to automatically update online.

Note: may want to check system settings, such as windows updates, as this installation will automatically activate windows updates and users may want to change them to manual updates. Start » Control Panel » System and Security » Windows Update » adjust settings.

Microsoft Security Essentials Download for Windows 7