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LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows

LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows

LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows. Lightshot itself is an application program that can be said to have a very small capacity size of only about 2.60 Mb, and not only that, it is even very light to use when taking screenshots on your computer or laptop screen. Lightshot also provides share screenshots that can be shared directly with your friends for certain purposes.

How to screenshot the screen with Lightshot

How to do a printscreen with a lightshot, select or press the print scrn button on the keyboard, then for taking pictures, select the area you want to take with the left mouse click and hold and then drag according to the area you want. There are several functions in the Lightshot application, you can add text information, arrows for directions, change colors and notes on images.

The advantages of the Lightshot application:

  1. Can share via the Internet.
    Lightshot can be directly shared to the internet, by selecting and clicking the button on the cloud icon below the far left, just upload the screenshot image to the url, from the upload you will get a url link to share with friends with a connection Internet.

  2. Can share to social media.
    By clicking the share icon under the left position of the selection area, you can immediately send the results of the screenshot image to social media, currently Lightshot provides shares only for Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Pinterest, if using social media that has not been provided, you can using the results link that has been uploaded on, just copy the link and share it.

  3. Print the screenshot image.
    Select and click the print icon button on the lightshot, then a print dialog appears and select the name of the printer device used.

  4. Searching for images with the same results.
    One feature that is quite powerful in lightshot, performs a search for the same image by selecting the area or image specified, lightshot will search for a suitable image on the internet and then produce the appropriate image in the browser.

Explanation of feature icon functions in Lightshot:

  • Pen.
    The function of drawing a mark on the screen captured using the mouse.

  • Line.
    The function gives a line on the captured screen.

  • Arrow.
    the function gives arrows on the captured screen.

  • Rectangle.
    The function gives a border to the captured screen.

  • Marker.
    Marker function on the captured screen.

  • Text.
    The function provides text info on the captured screen.

  • Color.
    Function to change the color of the pen or marker.

  • Undo.
    The function returns to the original setting that is being edited (CTRL+Z).

  • Close.
    Function exit the application (CTRL+X).

  • Save.
    Function to save the captured image (CTRL+S).

  • Copy.
    Copy function (CTRL+C).

  • Print.
    Function prints images via a printer (CTRL+P).

  • Search.
    Similar image search function captured on google.

  • Share.
    Function share images to social media.

  • Upload.
    Image upload function to (CTRL+D).
Up here if you want to install the application LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows on your windows device. Please use the download button that we provide below.

LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows

LightShot Download Latest Version for Windows

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