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Apk PUBG Download for Android

Apk PUBG Download for Android. you can download the Apk or app games PUBG (Playerunknown's battleground) for free here, Apk that we provide is very safe to use because there is no virus or malware. For those of you who want to download, see the link at the bottom of this article. After you download it, you can install it on any android device without connecting to the internet and you can share it with your friends who are others.

Apk PUBG Download for Android

Apk PUBG For Android

PUBG or Playerunknown's battleground is one of the games with the genre of Battle royal. A game with the genre battle royal allows you to play with 100 people in a connected (online). In this game you can choose to play with a friend (1 of the two-person team) can play by yourself (solo) and with forming a team with your friends as many as 4 (four) people, you can also play a team with a friend randomly to be selected by the games automatically, but for me personally, will not be fun to play with members that we don't know (personal opinion).

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battleground) is launched on Steam in March 2017. Although still relatively a newcomer, but this game has been getting a lot of users who like mobile games, there are more or less 877.844 user Battlegrounds online at the same time August 2018 on the Steam platform. This figure beat the record number of players of Dota 2 at the same time, which only reached approximately 842.919, while In Play store, the very interesting game this has been in play as much as more than 50 million users of Android device users around the world.

For you who want to play the game PUBG is in the laptop or PC, you can install it with the terms on the laptop or PC you must have installed the android emulator. Parties Tencent also released an emulator official for PUBG named Tencent Gaming Buddy, the look of the game same as the version on the phone device, which distinguishes between the version of the emulator and the phone is you can use the keyboard and the mouse to shoot and control the character, but you will not be joined by players who use a mobile phone, because the party games separate the user who is logged on the mobile device with the emulator.

For you who still a beginner in the gameplay PUBG, I will give some advice or way to be able to play comfortably and not boring, the problem is that new entry into the games and die immediately, of course, will make you get bored quickly. (*_*).

Apk PUBG Download for Android

Apk PUBG For Android

How to Play PUBG For Beginners

  • After starting the game and you are already on the plane, try to choose a location where you plunge that is not chosen by the other players.

  • Try to plunge at full speed, with the way press and hold the forward direction until the parachute opens itself automatically.

  • Focus on the search for the Medical Kit and Weapons. There are many types of weapons as well as items that you can get from the location you landed, You need to find yourself in homes or buildings that are along with the map.

  • Try to collect supplies such as Medical Kits and weapons, because, for a bag of level 1, the payload is not much, weapons such as grenades or smoke bombs for sure rarely you so let the first item like that. Remember the higher the level of bag you use, the more item that you can take.

  • Remember about the restrictions of the area. If the player PUBG already great, it certainly is not a big problem, But if you try, oftentimes players will forget this thing, Suddenly the area where you are already covered with the blue room and the blood (HP) you continue to decrease by itself and finally you die on the battlefield with just a trivial thing.

  • In the game screen, you will see a small map located in the top right-hand corner you, be sure to always check that folder because with the map you will know which direction the circle is getting smaller (secure area).

  • Go immediately to a safer place at least one minute before the occurrence of area restrictions, are in place safer first also is an advantage because all players will also be heading to the safe area. If you had been in a safe place, of course, you can welcome them with a bullet of heat.

  • Lastly, do not immediately shoot the enemy you see, but look first around you, because if you directly shoot the most eve, then where you are now to be in the know of other enemies.
Note: arrange the time, do not arrive within 24 hours, you spent it all on games, not sleeping, not eating, not working, have a partner carefully. Your relationship can end just because of the game.

That's all the explanation I give, if indeed you are talented, you will quickly adapt to this game. Thank you for visiting here, please share dear friend the other and please click the link we provide to download GAMES PUBG.

Apk PUBG Download for Android

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You can now play this action game on your smartphone for free.